TMP Presents a New Research Paper:

February 15

TMP is proud to announce the publication of a New Research Paper focusing on healthcare, from Senior Brand Consultant Sabine Gillert. This paper focuses on research conducted on employment within the healthcare sector, specifically national acute care and healthcare systems. Qualitative research from more than 500 individuals in a focus group setting and exit interviews with over 6000 people was conducted during the period from 2007 to 2009 with healthcare professionals from a range of healthcare facilities and networks across the nation.

"The research has enabled TMP to identify what trends get people initially interested in a healthcare profession and how people go about their job search. Through the research, we were also able to identify reasons people seek out a certain healthcare facility, organization or network as a place of work. Understanding these motivators and drivers is critical to understanding how to attract the "right fit" candidate to your organization. Some of the trends may seem obvious at first, but it is evident from the data that candidates truly value certain attributes in an organization and therein lies the opportunity for organizations to identify what is unique about themselves and communicate this to the audience. More importantly, learning how to leverage the tools available today to communicate in the new digital social environment will help set your organization apart from your competitors."

To receive the full paper, please contact your account service rep.

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