Introducing TMP's Retention Services: Multiple Solutions for an Awakening Economy

February 15

When the economy slumbered, many HR professionals naturally relegated retention efforts to the back burner. When employers had few other options, human capital dollars found better allocations elsewhere. A more vibrant economy, however, is putting an increasing demand on holding onto present employees.

In response to this situation, TMP has developed a new suite of strategic retention services. The core of the services contains a set of diagnostic tools that answer the most crucial question: Why do some employees leave while others stay? Why do some highly valued members of the workforce decide to go elsewhere?

Retention, like recruitment, is fundamentally a marketing challenge. Employees who suddenly have alternative opportunities need to be constantly "sold" on their present employer. Especially critical are those sought-after individuals who are constantly seeking ways to maximize their position. In an improving economic setting, such people are anxious to explore what's out there. Such employees need to be made aware of the value of remaining with their current organization.

Because retention and recruitment are so inter-connected, TMP has developed an integrated strategic framework that responds to retention issues with research-based answers. TMP has pinpointed proven methods that attract the right people for the right job, such as creating a positive first impression and building upon it throughout an employee's tenure. For example, the first step towards retention is attracting those desirable candidates that are most likely to stay.

TMP can thus help HR professionals at every phase of human capital development: Workforce planning. Attracting and assessing candidates. Hiring for fit. Successful on-boarding of new talent. Transition from new hire to employee. Long-term retention. And measuring the performance of the system.

This unique suite of recruitment and retention services are available to whatever degree is required by an organization. Most important, they can be delivered both online and offline. Taken together or separately, this collection of tools can help employers be more confident in maintaining their workforce strength during a an economy that is becoming, at least for top performers, a seller's market.

For information on how to take advantage of TMP's new Retention Services, click here.

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