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February 15

Focusing this month's Technology update on the highly sought computer software engineers, and systems software engineers, the candidate outlook is good in terms of job security and opportunity for top performers. This translates to the competition among employers heating up. To help employers identify where to seek talent, the following includes the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on where this talent lives.

Top 5 states with the highest concentration of this audience include:

  • Massachusetts - 27,150
  • Virginia - 28,830
  • Colorado — 16,400
  • Washington — 17,900
  • Maryland — 13,510

Further supporting the rise of competition, the Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing Industry saw a large drop in May 2010, dropping to 7.2% unemployment rate from 10.4% in the previous month. Time will tell if this will hold, and if it does employers need to revisit messaging to this audience in order to sell their opportunity.

Overall Information Technology job postings have decreased 5% since January 2009, while clicks on Information Technology jobs have increased 34% since January 2009 (source: Indeed Feb. 2010). This tells us candidates are ready to start listening, the question is where and in which medium will the employers be able to grab their ear? To find out, step one is to contact TMP Worldwide.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011 &

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