Life in the High-Tech/Telecom Industry

February 15

High-tech and telecom positions are constantly evolving with rapid progressions of software and hardware and other modern technology. Those with an MBA typically work in management, business development, marketing or product development. This is clearly an industry for people who love this kind of competition and technological development. The rate of promotion is usually very high. Some common misconceptions in the industry are that the industry is currently high-hit and not hiring, or that you have to be an engineer to get a job.

Though it was one of the hardest hit industries in the last few years, the High-Tech/Telecom Industry is not going away. This mammoth industry encompasses companies and conglomerates that make hardware, produce software, and provide services. Hardware includes a vast range of products including video broadcasting satellites, computers, and transmission cables. Services include running the switches that control the phone system and configuring networks for corporations and businesses. The software is the backbone of many of the hardware and services offered; it allows the hardware to function, and needs to be configured properly to run optimally. With a number of companies offering substitute goods and services, the competition in this industry is becoming fiercer, and they need business people to make them leaner and meaner and to give the company direction and incite to the trends and developments in their industry.

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