There’s Social Networking. And then, There's Effective Social Networking that gets Results.

February 15

By now, you know the power of Facebook — you've seen branded pages and you more than likely have a personal account page to connect with friends and family. You know how quickly it spreads information, how powerful viral communication can be, and how many candidates-both passive and active-use social networking as a job-seeking tool.

But how do you, as an HR professional tap into the gold mine of talent within Facebook and leverage your employees' networks without crossing boundaries?

It's easy — empower your employees through Work With Me 2.0®— let your employees amplify your social networking voice.

Offered exclusively by TMP Worldwide, WWM 2.0® is more than a standard job listing page on a Facebook profile. It leverages a company's employees in a social setting by allowing them to share their professional side, introducing candidates to possible future colleagues (and, future friends) while providing a pretty accurate glimpse into the company, its' personality and culture.

Work With Me 2.0 - How Does It Work?


  • Branded microsite to verify employees at sign-up
  • Company tab to drive Facebook traffic and discussion
  • Employee tab to engage workforce and their networks within Facebook
  • Job Search
  • Ability to design custom workspace 'avatars'
  • Custom reporting on viral activity

Work With Me 2.0® allows your company to power and personalize your social brand by leveraging an existing network of employees, providing opportunities for employees to share jobs and other fun ways to engage on the corporate page while maintaining personal privacy. The application gives a valuable "insider" perspective and resources to potential candidates who may be considering your company through your most valuable assets, your employees.

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