TMP Pathways Job Distribution

February 15

Once upon a time jobs were only posted to job boards. Oh how times have changed.

Posting jobs online sure isn't what it used to be...and that's good news. Technology and innovation have allowed us to take full advantage of our online recruitment activity. But the bigger question is... is your organization taking full advantage? Ask.

  • Do you know if you're getting the most out of your recruitment dollars?
  • Are you posting on the right jobs boards for your particular needs?
  • Where are your applicants applying from?

These are just some of the questions and challenges you may face as a recruiter today. Pathways Job Distribution helps you answer these questions by providing features such as:

  • Thousands of destinations

  • Metric Reports
  • inSite suggestions (job posting tips... while you're posting)
  • Revised workflow throughout the application
  • Dedicated TMP Service Team

But wait...Pathways does more than Job Distribution. The TMP Pathways platform, our single sign-on system, offers a number of tools, reports and services about your advertising and communication strategies. Encompassing a suite of TMP products - Career SEOSite software, Metrics Gateway reporting engine, What's My Buzz? brand monitoring tool and our proprietary Email Center system - this robust interface provides knowledge, vision and adaptability for traditional job board distributions — as well as adding a whole new dimension to how you reach out, communicate and report.

For more information on TMP Pathways, email us at

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