Client Interview: Merideth Northcutt, Director of Recruitment, Gwinnett Hospital System

February 15

Merideth Northcutt

TMP Worldwide: Briefly describe who you work for and what your role is at your company.

Merideth Northcutt: I work for Gwinnett Hospital System where I am the Director of Recruitment. I am responsible for recruitment and hiring for all positions at all three hospitals excluding physician recruitment.

TMP Worldwide: What has been your biggest recruitment challenge and what have you done to overcome it?

Merideth Northcutt: Instilling a sense of urgency in the recruiting team and hiring managers to respond immediately to qualified applicants and get interviews scheduled. We have designed a recruitment workflow that engages the recruiters and hiring managers to work collaboratively, to process qualified candidates and respond to them promptly as well as to keep them informed of next steps in our recruiting process.

TMP Worldwide: What recruitment obstacles do you anticipate in the future for your business sector?

Merideth Northcutt: Identifying specific skill sets and experience to support our growing strategic business goals; i.e., open heart/vascular services expansion.

TMP Worldwide: What social media initiatives have you engaged in and what results have you seen?

Merideth Northcutt: We're on Facebook and LinkedIn. We are just beginning to understand and utilize the vast social media options available for recruitment. We have used LinkedIn and have successfully generated some quality talent from that sourcing avenue. GHS does have a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

TMP Worldwide: Does your company have any efforts in place focusing on the retention of current employees? If so, what are they?

Merideth Northcutt: GHS is using TMP Worldwide retention reports to gain information on new hires' recruitment experience, employee engagement after 90 days and exit interviews. TMP has developed a quarterly report that summarizes key areas where we are doing well as well as where we have opportunities. This report is shared with leaders in the organization.

TMP Worldwide: What project or strategic direction could you have not done without TMP Worldwide?

Merideth Northcutt: SEO, Campaign Management, ARP program creative and instructions, managing our advertising budget, position postings and training our recruiters on social media best practices. They also assist us in selecting and managing our media buys and advise us on best practices.

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