Technology Update for January's The Edge Newsletter

February 15

In some respects, 2009 wasn't all bad for technology clients. Money magazine ranked three of the Top Ten Best Jobs in America under the technology umbrella, including Systems Engineer at #1, IT Project Manager at #5, and Network Security Consultant at #8 (1) . This is good news for technology companies wanting to inspire college graduates to start early in technology career paths.

Looking ahead at 2010, positions are estimated to reach similar levels going back one year ago, and will impact certain markets globally, although Technology will not be out of the woods yet in 2010. "IDC predicts that worldwide IT spending will grow by 3.2 percent in 2010, returning the industry to 2008 spending levels of about $1.5 trillion." (2) Hardware has been tapped for the frontrunner in growth. "Emerging markets will drive more than half the new IT industry growth in 2010, with IT spending up 8-13 percent in Brazil, Russia, India, and China." (2) In terms of Technology innovation and future growth, cloud services, mobile applications and netbooks top the list for 2010 contenders.

Finally, the November Indeed Job Analytics™ Technology Report showed IT job postings are still down from 2008 levels, with a 19% decrease since November 2008. No surprise here, the report shows that there has been an average increase in IT posting candidate clicks of 52% since November 2008. This means recruiters are drowning in resumes and will need tools to help find the best talent in the growing bunch.


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