Social media as part of Employer Brand strategy? TMP spreads the word at Canada's Top 100 Employers Summit

February 15

Would you believe a single click can establish (or in some cases, seriously undermine) an Employer Brand? It may seem like hyperbole, but when you consider the prevalence, reach and near-instantaneous nature of social media, the impact that the world of Web 2.0 can have on an organization's employment image becomes all too real.

Such was the presentation delivered by Steven Ehrlich, Global VP at TMP Worldwide, to the audience at Canada's 2009 Top 100 Employers Summit. The Top 100 Employers Summit is held to celebrate those organizations that lead their industries in attracting and retaining employees. Past events have brought together some of the most influential names and faces in the Employment community, and this year's event certainly didn't disappoint. Spanning the 19th and 20th of November at Toronto's Royal York Hotel, the audience was comprised of the Top 100 employers plus many other top HR organizations, groups and professionals. The list of guest speakers extended beyond the boundaries of the corporate world, and included such recognizable names as Mia Farrow.

TMP's presence was organized by Wayne Burns, Senior VP of Canada at TMP Worldwide, and ultimately proved the ideal forum for sharing the knowledge and expertise we bring to a relatively new area of Employer Brand management. Presentations during the two-day Summit ran the proverbial gamut from corporate responsibility to understanding the employment impact of the economic collapse. However, Mr. Ehrlich took the opportunity to tackle the question that's been on many HR minds, but has only recently been given a place in attraction and retention planning — what role does social media play in an organization's Employer Brand strategy?

"Today, it's not just about recruiting or's about influencing the voice and the information that's shared between friends or co-workers in social settings. The growing interest and thirst for knowledge around this topic become more evident with each presentation I give."

It comes as little surprise.

As the list of instantly-recognizable social networking tools continues to expand at a remarkable pace — first there was MySpace, then LinkedIn, then Facebook, now Twitter, tomorrow, countless more — it's clear that managing an Employer Brand where peer-to-peer conversations are actually taking place each day (if not each minute) is much less novelty, much more necessity.

But why such emphasis on influencing the job-related chatter taking place in digital spaces? "Because it's often more powerful than the messages delivered directly from HR and corporate Marketing," says Rob O'Keefe, VP of Employer Brand Strategy at TMP Worldwide. "The conversations — and persuasions — taking place online are often considered more transparent and more objective than those coming from an employer, whether they really are or not. That means they need to be actively managed. At the end of the day, what people are asking each other is a simple question: 'How's Work?' We're managing the responses to that brief but important question."

Similarly, the very strategies and tactics needed to positively impact an Employer Brand via social media need to be managed by someone with the insight and expertise with which to do it — and TMP is proud to be leading that charge.

TMP Worldwide has established itself as a global thought-leader on social media and its impact on Employer Brand Management, and provides proprietary solutions to help organizations harness the power of digital media. For more information on this subject, or to find out where and when we'll be sharing our knowledge next, please email

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