What’s My Buzz?

February 15

Your brand is being mentioned, both positively and negatively, whether you like it or not and it's up to you to choose whether to observe this discussion or participate in it. Without a tool to aggregate and categorize this chatter, figuring out who is talking -and when and where they're talking- can be overwhelming and largely impossible. What's My Buzz is designed to help you accomplish just this.

What's My Buzz, introduced by TMP, is a content monitoring platform designed to look for mentions of your company related to recruitment, and to categorize and sort that content.

The What's My Buzz engine listens to message boards, blogs, tweets and other social conversations, and scans for new content on the press wire, from mainstream news sources, and commercial and content web sites.

What's My Buzz

Some of the features included with What's My Buzz:

  • Weekly emailed summary report outlining the previous week, trends, and action items
  • Monitoring for negative phrases
  • Categorization of both social and negative mentions
  • Breakout of 'mentions' and 'sources' for benchmarking level of discussion surrounding your brand
  • Breakout of the sources
  • Breakout of the terms generating buzz. Ex: "fired by company"; "compensation at company"; "interview at company"
  • Tools for setting up alerts so you're emailed the next time buzz is indexed from a source

In addition, a premier version is available which includes all of the aforementioned as well as ongoing maintenance and review of the terms being monitored, research and recommendations on specific places to extend monitoring, and quarterly reporting and analysis by the TMP brand team.

For more information, or to schedule a demo, please reach out to your account team.

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