Surviving Surge Hiring

February 15

Just when you least expect it, word comes down that you suddenly need to hire 10, 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 new employees - quickly. Don't think this doesn't happen, because it does, and it usually involves either the need to leverage an opportunity or to address a crisis.

Surge hiring requires rapid response, which is a great opportunity to take advantage of the immediacy of digital media and ready-to-go products in combination with a sound strategy and traditional print venues.

When the Fluor Corporation needed to immediately hire thousands of trade professionals in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, it looked to TMP to develop a surge hiring strategy. Central to this strategy was the development of a robust hiring site that provided job search capabilities and online application processes and email communications.

When Independence Air needed to ramp up quickly to meet its launch date fully staffed, TMP recommended a surge hiring strategy, again centered on a career micro site and online hiring event as the recruiting hub, and traditional print as the feeder media to the site. Hundreds of hourly employees were hired quickly in an area that traditionally has an abundance of professional level talent and an under abundance of skilled labor. End result: a hiring surge success to leverage an immediate growth opportunity.

After the tragedy of 9/11, the US Government had one of the greatest surge hiring initiatives of recent times. In order to hire airport security personnel and baggage checkers for every airport, the Transportation Security Agency connected with TMP and its sister division Monster to develop an integrated digital and traditional recruitment strategy that utilized Monster, USAJobs, federal publications, broadcast and local newspapers. Both an immediate and long-term hiring strategy combined with a robust digital and traditional media strategy helped to meet federally mandated hiring goals to protect America's air transportation systems.

Whether opportunistic or mission-critical, surge hiring can accomplish a whole lot in a little time. Will you be ready for your surge hiring initiative? The first step - contact your TMP representative for surge hiring experience, expertise and counsel.

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