TMP Makes It Possible for Vale Inco

February 15

Graduate recruitment campaign integrates all essential elements

Vale Inco

Vale Inco, the world's second largest mining company, had been hit hard by the employment crunch, like most mining companies. Generally, the competition for graduates is tough in the mining sector. With only 9 Canadian schools teaching mining engineering, there will be an estimated 110 mining graduates in 2009 with demand reaching over 500. Vale Inco engaged TMP to develop a strong communications campaign that would help meet its recruitment need for a broad range of engineering and geology roles and skilled trades.

TMP built its concept around the brand's existing 'Is it possible' tagline and gave it a positive spin. The new concept 'Yes, it's possible', aims to build a strong brand identity for Vale Inco and provide differentiation and competitive advantage for the future.

The campaign also speaks to Vale Inco's broader mandate of becoming the global leader in nickel mining, its commitment to enhancing quality of life through its products and the promising, sustainable future it is helping create for everyone.

The hub of the campaign is a website with a unique URL — — that features a recruitment video and video testimonials from recent graduate hires. Other components include a longer recruitment video for campus information sessions and other recruitment events, a brochure, zap banners, branded email and online job posting templates and print ads.

And the outcome? Vale Inco needed to see results quickly, and they did: Within 2 weeks of its launch the graduate website had registered over 3,200 visits. The video series demonstrates a cohesive brand message and has proven to be effective, leading more potential candidates online. The Vale Inco brand has been redefined and strengthened and the new campaign has succeeded in generating awareness as well as highlighting the organization's culture, strengths and capabilities.

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