Conversations Are Happening…

February 15

...and the topic is you and your organization. How you participate and the degree in which you participate are the burning questions. In today's media environment, it is more critical than ever to understand the variables in the marketplace and have a clear view of the playing field. If you don't, your employer reputation could be at serious risk.

When you are planning your next business initiative, you'd want to know all the market variables that could affect your success wouldn't you? Well, the same logic holds true for employee engagement, retention or external hiring initiatives. With the Burning Ears Digital Audit, you can have access to the insights you need to plan and execute a comprehensive digital employment marketing campaign — one that is tied directly to organizational objectives, addresses marketplace conversations and allows you to influence the conversation — enhancing your employer reputation.

TMP will provide insight as well as recommendations for advancing your success through the Burning Ears Digital Audit — across a variety of key areas including the full spectrum of search marketing, the most relevant social networking platforms, current job board programs and your career site. Our overarching aim is to ensure that your brand, messaging and career content are enabled for distribution and sharing in today's new world of communication.

At TMP Worldwide, our focus is on working to help our clients stay ahead of trends and developing and executing employment communications programs that drive business success. We are consistently developing new ways to measure and improve program performance.

Social media is on the move. Don't hesitate. To learn more about the conversations that are happening about you, email or contact your account team today!

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