Creative Optimization

February 15

Developing the most effective creative for your campaigns requires many decisions. Which layout to use? What background and imagery will grab attention? What message is the most compelling, causing a user to take action? Today, these decisions are largely made by professionals in various marketing, creative, and — for recruitment - HR roles. By the time your audience sees an ad, these decisions have already been made.

TMP's new Creative Optimization program engages your target audience in the creative development process like never before. By showing multiple versions of an ad and measuring real response, you learn what candidates truly prefer. New metrics and results-based reporting add objectivity to creative decisions.

Via Creative Optimization, TMP provides multiple creative executions for a pre-purchased media placement such as a Leaderboard banner on a major job board or for a test buy on the Google Content Network. The creative options are served equally at first, and the response from candidates is measured. As the audience shows biases toward a particular creative execution, TMP's technology will automatically optimize the media buy and serve the preferred creative more often. Detailed reporting on click-through rate and other metrics is provided to assist in future creative decisions and justifies additional optimization.

Creative Optimization has a myriad of applications:

  • Optimize placements in an existing digital media plan
  • During concepting — determine messaging for a future banner campaign
  • For a specific initiative that focuses on digital media (traffic driving campaigns, etc.)

Bringing you the best and latest that technology has to offer, TMP is working at the leading edge with new ways to track, measure, and optimize creative performance. Creative Optimization is a tool that improves the return on your creative investment by including your audience in the decision-making process in real time — optimizing your creative based on real results.

To learn more about Creative Optimization, email: or contact your account team.

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