Monster Launches Hurricane Katrina Job Board

February 15

When news of the recent devastation in the Gulf area was initially reported, several TMP Worldwide and Monster employees became individually inspired to make a difference for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Their concern has been demonstrated through financial contributions, as well as donations of clothing, food and other crucial supplies - just the beginning of the generosity shared by everyone at Monster.

Soon, the launch of Monster's Hurricane Relief Job Board followed. This special career site went live early in the week of September 12 to help begin the task of rebuilding the Gulf region's communities, as well as the lives of those who have been displaced or evacuated due to the destructive storm.

The site has been designed as a venue of hope and healing where survivors, and those who wish to help them, can join together to begin a process of renewal. It is free to all job searchers, employers and volunteers nationwide who are interested in advertising or pursuing work opportunities, along with other activities, related to the aftermath of the storm. The site offers new and reemployment job postings for Hurricane Katrina survivors, as well as jobs for professionals and workers with the skills necessary to assist in rebuilding the affected region. There is also a list of volunteer opportunities for those who just want to help in some way.

The site can be accessed directly at, or through a link on the home page. It will also be made available through a link on

The ability and desire of Monster and its many employees to make a substantial contribution to relieving the ongoing effects of Katrina represents just one of the many ways the company continues to improve people's lives every day.

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