TMP E-Briefing of Webcast: Episode 1

February 15

"Grassroots Networking: The Pros and Cons of Growing Your Social Network"


Love it or hate it, user or not, social networking sites are here to stay, and offer significant advantages to the realm of talent acquisition- when engaged properly. Social media sites are so popular with internet users that many human capitalists are working to attract a following by building their own online networks.

For many organizations, the objective of this strategy is to use these network destinations to identify and connect with potential job candidates and talent brand consumers. This strategy does come with its own positives and negatives and inherent questions. Should the network be internal (for existing employees only) or external (do we invite the world at large?) Will our site be one-directional marketing platform where users can learn but not participate, or a true social network and all that comes along with an unedited world? In the last webcast of the year in Social Networking for Recruitment we'll tackle this topic head-on.

Take a look at the E-briefing here

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