A Mosaic of Care

February 15

It's clear that Hurricane Katrina's impact will be long-lasting. Those affected will need food, shelter, clothing and, as time passes, jobs, schools, and a place in their new communities to call home. As was the case across America, employees at TMP Worldwide spent some time feeling helpless, then rolled up their sleeves to do what we can to meet these needs.

Denise DeCota, an enterprising Account Executive in our San Francisco office, began a drive for boxes of supplies for the Reliant Astrodome, Houston Food Bank, Coast Guard Office at Ellington Field, Baytown Community Center and Mont Belvieu Senior Center. She, and others like her across corporate America, are our first responders. On behalf of this organization, I'm proud of Denise and of others like her who work to meet dramatic, overwhelming needs with a calm willingness to help.

TMP and Monster, our sister company, are also demonstrating their ability to respond with meaningful assistance for business and aid for survivors. As you'll read in this issue, TMP is helping Fluor find thousands of new electricians, pipe fitters and other key talent to help in the massive rebuilding effort. And Monster has launched a new website to help survivors of hurricane Katrina find work and to provide those who have work or services to offer a place to make connections.

Seeing these contributions, reading and hearing about what so many other individuals and corporations are voluntarily doing to help is a powerful reminder that the willingness to work can offer so much more than pay. While it's clear that FEMA and other federal agencies will have much to learn from Katrina in the future, this American mosaic of care, so innate that it often goes without remark, is a source of pride today. Please join me in thanking those around you who take the time to make good things happen.

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