Is Your Organization Positioned for Success?

February 15

"Is Your Organization Positioned for Success?"

Recruiting and Retaining People with Disabilities Cover


We are at an interesting time in the employment market. With an unemployment rate in the 8-10% range, the need to attract candidates is not as critical as it has been in the past. What is critical at this juncture is the need to engage your existing workforce at the maximum level possible. Your employer brand will provide new and existing employees with a resonant message that promotes engagement and enables companies to emerge from the current downturn through a combination of innovation and productivity.

An employer brand will enable your organization to engage employees and attract candidates based on important tangible and intangible brand attributes rather than just commodity attractors such as compensation. An employer brand will provide a unified voice for your organization that brings clarity to your engagement and recruitment efforts, from your intranet to employee referrals. Getting to a "one voice" approach truly helps to drive the effectiveness of communications.

This new Whitepaper gives an overview of the importance of branding of your employer brand, and was written by Rob O'Keefe, TMP's Vice-President of Brand Strategy. With a variety of information and data, the Whitepaper provides key information for companies to leverage their employer brand for maximum effectiveness.

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