TMP Success Story: SEM, Campaign Management and Media Planning

February 15

The Challenge

The Saint Barnabas Health Care System is the second largest employer in New Jersey with over 20,000 employees including 4,750 physicians and 443 residents. To recruit new employees Saint Barnabas used an advertising strategy that included print publications, niche websites and major job boards. The associated costs to provide coverage for all of the facilities were high and there were no vehicles in place to track return. Their goal was to lower their CPA/CPH and develop a system to track results.

The Solution

TMP's Media Planning Team built an integrated media strategy which reduced print and introduced effective online media such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The team also implemented their Campaign Management tool to track applications and hires by media.

The monthly Campaign Management report provides Saint Barnabas with ROI data for all media, as well as a written analysis by TMP's Campaign Management team. TMP then makes recommendations for optimization.

The Results

With data collected from the Campaign Management tool, TMP was able to analyze and assist Saint Barnabas Health Care System with eliminating the non-performers from their media mix. The result was a reduction in spending while generating improved responses from higher quality candidates. In addition, their cost-per-applicant (CPA) and cost-per-hire (CPH) were drastically reduced.

Comparing their 2007 campaign with their 2008 campaign to date, traditional (print) spending was reduced by over 84%. During the same time period, their online spending decreased by 30%.

This resulted in a CPA reduction of 59.19% and an increase of applications by an impressive 53.69% to date.

Overall, the result of this new strategy was that the client:

  • Reduced media spending
  • Reduced Cost Per Application (CPA)
  • Reduced Cost Per Hire (CPH)
  • Increased Data Management
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