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February 15

Emeritus Senior Living is one of the largest networks of assisted living communities in North America. The company includes over 300 communities and 19,000 employees. Since 1999, TMP has collaborated with Emeritus to help establish the Seattle-based company as the leader in assistedliving recruitment and employment.

During our partnership, the recruitment industry has evolved. We determined that the interactive space was a better fit for Emeritus than traditional marketing. In fact, 2005 marked the beginning of a new era for Emeritus: a complete switch from in-column print ads to online job postings. But today's competitive marketplace requires us to do even more to harness online tools and tactics.


On December 1, 2007, TMP and Emeritus launched an initial test Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign. The project ran for nine months and included Google, Yahoo!, and Indeed, with Facebook and Simply Hired added in September. The test campaign was successful—but it represented a change in company strategy. To proceed, we needed to secure the approval of Emeritus's COO.


TMP worked closely with the Director of Recruitment to build a data-supported business case and a two-part strategy utilizing SEM and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In September of 2008, we met with the COO to present our recommendations and to showcase the benefits of SEO marketing using the results of the 2008 media. Not only was the Search proposal approved, but Emeritus was able to reduce their job-board spend by 30%. Building on the success of their Search pilot program, they then increased their investment in SEM and SEO.

The Solution

The Results

The 2009 campaign, including job postings and SEM, launched December 1, 2008. The campaign increased applications by 98%: Emeritus received a total of 25,642 applications between December 1, 2008, and February 28, 2009. Of the total applications, tracking data shows that 21% are from SEM. The job aggregators (Indeed and Simply Hired) also performed well for Emeritus with a collective cost per application of $3.03 and 4,949 applications.

For comparison, between January 1, 2008, and November 30, 2008, Emeritus received a total of 50,972 applications. Just three months into the 2009 campaign, we generated more volume than during five months of the 2008 campaign. The detailed data and analysis provided have equipped Emeritus with metrics and recommendations to support their recruitment advertising investments and make adjustments in real time. In addition, TMP provides this return-on-investment data in a monthly, consolidated Campaign Management report reflecting both Job Posting and Search media results. This includes SEO rankings and recommendations.

Continually expanding on their success, TMP recently created a customized site helping Emeritus optimize individually posted jobs. The Emeritus SEOSite simplifies and expedites the job seeker's experience from search engine to individual job posting and also extends the reach of their career website. Job-posting optimization is a best practice and part of Emeritus's larger search strategy. The Emeritus SEOSite went live on March 20, 2009 ( Results on the SEOSite will be available in upcoming Campaign Management reports.

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