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February 15

Product Profile

Results 1 to 130,000,000 — in a sea of search results, where do you rank? Without visibility, your website can get lost deep within millions of competing messages. TMP's Career SEOSite allows your jobs to stand out among the masses as a branded, optimized extension of your company's career website, fully compatible with your ATS.

The Career SEOSite takes all jobs directly from your ATS and turns them into a search engine friendly website. This unique website goes beyond the traditional ATS pages that may hide your jobs from search engines with complex URLs and limited or no branding options. Benefits of a TMP Career SEOSite include the following:

  • Improved organic search results
  • Improved PPC conversion rates and lower costs
  • Brand consistency in all postings
  • Alternative or mirrored approach for candidates to find you
  • Friendly URLs that can be used easily with other advertising campaigns
  • Additional visibility with submission of jobs to paid, free and industry directories
  • Google Analytics tracking

In addition to improving your company's visibility, Career SEOSite is an easy to use, valuable tool for the job seeker. This website allows candidates the following:

  • Easy navigation tools for candidates to access all the information they want quickly
  • Summary pages for all jobs in specific locations or categories (for example, All Cincinnati Jobs or All System Engineering Jobs)
  • E-mail sign-ups for candidates to "watch jobs"
  • RSS of jobs for candidates to view directly on their desktops
  • Easy access to relevant information with links to authoritative web sites that increase a candidate's experience and your site's search engine rankings

Bottom line — TMP's Career SEOSite increases your site's visibility and boosts ROI of existing media campaigns by driving candidates to a user-friendly space with a look and feel unique to your brand.

Product Profile

TMP developed a Career SEOSite for C2HM Hill.

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