Dream Job, Dream House

February 15

Riverside Community Hospital (RCH) is one of the largest full-service, acute care community hospitals in Riverside County California. After California passed Assembly Bill 394 (January 2004) which mandated nurse to patient ratios, the hospital made a decision to develop a recruitment package that would get noticed and lay the foundation for one of the largest financial investments a person can make - the purchase of a home. The new home down payment closing costs program for (full-time) registered nurses that sign on, was based on a philosophy that professionals in a public service profession will respond strongly to an employer who understands their personal goals and dreams. Their goal initially was to hire 100 nurses from March to October.

Instead of recruiting locally, which impacts and hurts the entire region, Riverside Community decided to focus on Southern California areas where home prices were much higher than in Western Riverside County. In Riverside, homes were (are) more affordable and you can get much more house for your money. They offered up to $12,000 toward closing and relocation costs as well as entering candidates in a drawing for $25,000 towards a down payment. Print and billboard advertising were done to target both the LA and Orange County markets. In addition, RCH attended over forty job and career events both in the state and nationally. This included six Open House events.

Riverside Community Hospital surpassed their hiring goal of 100 RNs in eight months. They hired 230 nurses in ten months (campaign was extended). Nurses were recruited from eight other states as well as California. Twenty-one (21) of the candidates took advantage of the closing costs options. The grand prize drawing for the down payment of $25,000 was December 12th. This drew a very large crowd including the mayor and a local television network, NBC-Channel 4.

Paul Woerz is the Vice President of Human Resources at Riverside Community Hospital.

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