Scott & White: Integrated Media Campaign

February 15

A TMP Success Story


In 2008, TMP Worldwide partnered with Scott & White, the largest network of multi-specialty hospitals based in Central Texas, to develop an integrated strategy and a centralized budget. As a Top 100 Hospital, Scott & White wanted to expand their employment branding in the marketplace. While they have a stellar local reputation, they wanted to extend their national presence to attract top healthcare talent, including RNs, PTs, OTs, and physicians. Their goal was to increase the efficiencies and effectiveness in their recruitment process and budget.


After taking a closer look at their existing day-to-day operational recruitment advertising process, TMP worked with Scott & White to develop a clearly defined process designed to help streamline their efforts. Together, we evaluated and addressed each inefficiency, eliminating the duplicate efforts and oversights that had caused errors and lost time. The result was a new process that interwove traditional recruitment advertising, trade journals, search engine marketing, and additional online strategies.

TMP and Scott & White collaborated to create a media strategy that included online and print advertising on websites such as Google, Yahoo, Indeed, and Simply Hired. In addition, we were able to provide the Scott & White hiring team with daily media recommendations. Our online traffic-driving efforts included search engine marketing, as well as negotiating and converting online job boards and banners into true online strategies.

In order to help maximize the effectiveness of Scott & White's media spend, TMP collaborated with them to develop a creative campaign based on the existing consumer messaging platform (see Figures 1 and 2 below). The campaign was based on a "cause and effect" concept that highlighted the benefits of working at Scott & White (e.g., "Be Engaged and Live Happily Ever After"). The close partnership between TMP and Scott & White's marketing and human resource teams allowed the development of their Employer Brand creative work to address every aspect of the business and truly communicate a message that resonated with their target audience.

Together, TMP and Scott & White realized the goal of gaining better control over the recruiting budget by consolidating and minimizing expenses. Now, Scott & White can easily manage and monitor their budget on a monthly basis. In addition, we teamed up to implement steps that help Scott & White centralize functions and secure a formal approval process.


Scott & White's media advertising spend for allied and nursing has been reduced by over 50% within eight months of partnership. Additionally, since TMP's partnership with them began, Scott & White's 776 job openings in March have been reduced by more than 50% to 386 openings in December.

In June 2008, Scott & White launched their Search Engine Marketing campaign on Google, Yahoo, Indeed and Simply Hired, yielding an average low cost-per-click of $0.54. TMP was able to confirm that Simply Hired and Indeed provided the largest percentage of web traffic from the campaign and remained the lowest cost-per-click of all the media (Simply Hired: $0.43; Indeed: $0.40).

Because of the success of their media campaign, Employer Brand initiatives, and improved budgeting results, Scott & White's employment website will soon reflect the new brand.

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