What's Your Social Media Footprint?" NYC Hosts New Media Day

February 15

It began with a simple question. It ended with a huge response.

TMP Worldwide's NYC office sent invitations to clients and associates for a New Media Day asking the question, "What's Your Social Media Footprint?" On April 2nd, over 75 of the region's top human resources professionals showed up at The Yale Club of New York City to find the answer.

New Media Days - Making a Big Impression

Guest speakers included Jason Katcher from Googleâ„¢, Bert Zevzavadjian and Brian Tietje from LinkedIn®, along with Gautam Godhwani from Simply Hired®, and John Flato and Yazad Dalal from Vault®. Introduced by TMP's Sherry Jacobson and Steve Ehrlich, these thought leaders were tasked with sharing the most cutting-edge and cost-effective techniques for attracting and retaining talent through Web 2.0 technology.

Want to learn how to leverage video testimonials on YouTube or how to make your LinkedIn company profile attract great candidates? Every listener in attendance that day did. Learning to leverage the cost benefits of job aggregators and what candidates are saying about your company online were just a few of the other benefits of attendance — and everyone had the chance to have their burning questions answered by each speaker.

Jason Katcher from Googleâ„¢ commented on the increased momentum of new media saying, "It is now more important than ever for recruiters to be more accountable for how they allocate their budgets. Although traditional mediums and postings may always be part of the mix, ways of reaching candidates are rapidly shifting towards new media and search that provide deeper analytics and data. With the bulk of jobseekers starting their hunt through search engines, the recruitment industry is taking notice and beginning to implement strategies that incorporate new media platforms. We have already seen incredibly strong results with employers over the last 2 years and see more companies coming on board every day."

Yale club

New Media event attendees at Yale Club in New York City.


TMP's Louis Caggia, RVP, and Peter Hirschhorn, Account Director with Frank Pacheco of Schering Plough (right.)

New Media Day

New Media Day table tents with social marketing stats and conversation starters.

The overwhelming request has been for more sessions. In the coming months, TMP Worldwide will be sponsoring additional New Media Days across the country, as well as regional breakfasts and lunches that cater to specific needs. To learn more on how to be a part of TMP's next New Media Day, or to speak with a Digital Strategist email us at

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