The Necessity of a Recruitment Advertising Agency in Recessionary Times

February 15

While I should probably be a bit more prudent during these challenging economic times, Starbucks is still part of my morning routine.

Being a regular there, I see many of the same folks every day, and after our usual "how are your children" talk, the conversation typically turns to the economy.

When I bring up the fact that I work in a sector of advertising geared towards hiring and retaining people, I usually get a sympathetic look that says, "You must not be very busy right now."

But after my first jolt of caffeine, I enthusiastically tell people that our work is more important than ever. Why? Well, companies have a major responsibility to retain their employees by keeping them content and productive.

So right now is an opportunity to enhance and update your interactive platform and Employment Brand. Soon companies will start hiring again, and it's essential for you to keep a positive image in the minds of potential candidates.

Even in this economy, companies will need qualified candidates, so it's an ideal time to decrease their reliance on the large job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder. You now have the chance to try lower cost, more efficient types of recruiting.

In fact, I generally add that there's never been a more challenging, terrifying and exciting time to be in the recruitment advertising space. The convergence of media makes it more difficult than ever to decide on the most strategic approach to target candidates — mobile, social media, streaming video, pay per click, cost per performance. That is what we do and why we are the best at it.

Around that time, the person I am speaking to has to suddenly leave for work. But the dialogue doesn't stop there. The next morning I'll be back at Starbucks for more lattes and stirring economic debate.

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