Is Your Career Site Socially Enabled?

February 15

We talk about how the power of social media has changed the way we communicate online and therefore changed corporate websites and career sites. It's true; the conversation is no longer confined to the browser walls of your site. Instead of a one way interaction, it's a two way exchange. In order for social sites or social widgets online to push and pull content, your website needs to be socially enabled. That simply means that the content on your site has social activity, in other words:

  • Content is sharable
  • Jobs are referable
  • News alerts are "feedable"
  • Experience is expandable.

Content is sharable

Make sure your content needs are sharable. For example, if you have a selection of employee videos within your career site, can visitors share them with their friends/network after they have watched them? Are there social bookmarking abilities with each one? Do you include a comment feature for people to participate with the content? Search engines love bookmarks.

Jobs are referable

Referring jobs is a fairly common thing to do. However, consider bookmarking and/or tagging a job description and thus allowing the communities to quickly tap your opportunities. With search engine optimized job sites, the power to drive to those specific opportunities is amplified.

News alerts are "feedable"

When your news alerts (think job opportunity alerts) are RSS enabled, or Twitter enabled, you benefit. The result is stronger one-to-one relationships with those candidates who would opt for updates to keep informed of new opportunities.

Experience is expandable

Along with the nice flash and immersive experiences that you are incorporating into your career site, why not include a widget in your plans. A widget would enable that same experience throughout the social network — to communities that are relevant. With the power of mashups, social widgets and yes, mobile apps, you can expand the experience of your site. You can actually drive them back to your ATS from virtually anywhere on the web.

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