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February 15

Many companies have made Search Engine Marketing (SEM) an essential ongoing strategy within their recruiting media plan. The benefits of the 'risk-free' pay-per-click model, along with the growing number of people who start their job search on search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, make SEM an automatic 'must-have' strategy.

Many times - especially by clients new to SEM - TMP's Search Engine Marketing group is asked for a recommendation on the best key terms to purchase for maximum ROI and highest level of brand impact. For this reason, TMP has created our introductory 'Branded Keyword SEM Package.'

Branded Keyword SEM Package

The first thing your company needs to do is 'own your own brand.' This entails 'purchasing' your own company name - along with any common job searching words. As an example, a company named Acme would want to ensure their SEM ad appears for the terms:

  • Jobs at Acme
  • Careers at Acme
  • Acme Jobs
  • Etc.

Why must your company purchase their own brand name on major search engines from a recruitment perspective? There are several reasons, including:

  • Simply put, to ensure your company's website appears at the top of the results. A person who types in a branded term has an obvious strong intent to find jobs at that company. Can you afford to miss that opportunity?
  • Protect your brand against competitors or 3rd parties who may be bidding on the term - even though it is not their own.
    • A competitor of Acme may want their ad to appear when somebody searched for 'Acme jobs.' While this cannot be stopped, Acme should at least make sure their ad is there as well. Don't let competitors take control of traffic generated by your name.
    • Some 3rd party sites (job boards, etc.) may also be bidding on specific company names to drive traffic for their own site.
  • Branded keywords are generally the least expensive (not as much competition as general keywords) and in most cases the highest converting (the candidate has a strong intent on finding jobs at the specific company and is more likely to apply).

Securing your own brand on the search engines is not only a necessity - it's also a great way to be introduced to the benefits of search engine marketing. Let TMP's SEM experts put together a proposal for you that includes estimated monthly spend required, suggested geographical targeting, and other key information needed to kick off your Branded Keyword SEM Package.

To learn more about TMP's SEM services, email or visit TMP SEM and SEO services.

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