Industry Update: Food Services

February 15

The Food Services and Drinking Places (FSDP) Industry ranks among the leading industries in terms of total jobs, with more than 9 million hourly and salary jobs. According to the FSDP, these positions are expected to increase by 11 percent over the next 8-10 years (by nearly the same percentage as projected for all industries combined). Plenty of job opportunities will exist for: individuals with limited experience, first-time job seekers, senior citizens, and those seeking part-time or alternative work schedules.

All sectors of the Food Service industry are expected to grow, and considering the large number of young/part-time workers with frequent turnover, we expect to see substantial demand for replacement positions, particularly for wait staff and food-preparation employees. Establishments in this industry, particularly fast-food restaurants, will continue to be leading employers for teenagers (aged 16-19) - providing jobs for many new entrants into the labor force.

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