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February 15


Rush University Medical Center (Rush) is an academic medical center that encompasses an 830-bed hospital serving adults and children, the 110-bed Johnston R. Bowman Health Center and Rush University. The Human Resource section on their Intranet needed an update — and the information had to be presented in a relevant, well-organized, user-friendly format for their 8000+ employees. Additionally, the intranet site did not showcase branding elements, the content was not complete, and the site was a challenge to navigate.


TMP Worldwide conducted research to better understand the user's experience and interaction with Rush's Intranet. We began by conducting a thorough audit of the Intranet architecture and content, and then we set up focus groups with Rush's HR Directors to understand both the needs of the users and of Intranet content owners. After conducting an Employee Usability Test to discover the user's challenges and desires, TMP tabulated the results and determined the content areas of interest/adjustments along with improvements to the navigation, functionality, content, layout and design. As a result, TMP redesigned the Rush Intranet site, renaming it HR Source.

Navigation: TMP implemented a new and improved menu navigation system in line with user behavior.

Functionality/Content: TMP built a Content Management tool to administer all edits and updates to the Intranet page. Additionally, we reorganized the content into new sections and added search functionality that queries the HR section. TMP also created a separate section for HR Managers providing them with access to their files and documents.

Layout/Design: Rush's branding elements and color palette were incorporated into the site, as were selections of employee images (a diverse selection of employees) which more accurately represented their staff.


As a result of the new Intranet site, Human Resource employees and management are able to manage/update the site content at any time through use of their content management system, giving them complete content control, and an ability to edit in real-time. Changes that once required IT's time we are now completed by the HR Staff, eliminating a process which delayed timely updates.

With their new ability to promote relevant HR-related news and information on their Intranet website home page, Human Resources has helped keep more than 8,000 employees informed and up-to-date on notices.

Rush Medical Center
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