SEM and SEO: In This Economy, As Important As Ever

February 15

With the common knowledge that many people begin their online job search from a search engine, recruiters have accepted that Search Engine Marketing and Optimization is vital to any sourcing strategy. However, in the down economy, some are making the mistake of cutting search engine work from their strategy. The thinking is 'if I don't have any openings, I don't need to worry about search promotion.'

I would argue against that. I would argue that now is the time to dedicate to Search Engine Optimization; to take advantage of any 'lull' in openings and build your rank.


  1. Ranking takes time and effort. When companies were hiring heavily, they wanted top rankings and their jobs optimized immediately. The response they received was normally "Sure we can start now, but ranking takes time." A major factor in Google's algorithm is the age of the site. In other words, all else equal, the older and more established your site – the higher your ranking. The same can be said of any search strategy you are employing. The search engines need time to index and rank your site (or any changes you make to your site). Isn't now the perfect time to do it?
  2. Job seekers will be searching more than ever, and your site should be found – even if you have minimal current openings. Having your company listed in a search result is an element of branding – you want to be there. Let candidates link to your site, read about the company, and, sure – find out you don't have many job openings now – but they will at least know about you and be on their list of possibilities.
  3. Take the time to focus abroad. As the employment marketplace grows globally, it's also now more important than ever to extend beyond North America. By gaining an early presence abroad, the better your chances will be in leading the pack in overseas recruiting and global employer brand recognition.

In summary – my recommendation is to not treat your search engine strategies like some of your other reactive advertising plans. Don't let them die – turn a negative into a positive and build the rankings you will need later. If you don't, you'll be racing to catch up in a few months!

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