Product Profile: Facebook Retainer Program

February 15

Who doesn't love Facebook? You may have found out your daughter skipped French class yesterday, or that your neighbor has a new job, or that your friend is relocating to Australia. Not to mention that you're privy to every group your friends join, and every event they attend... and every thought they write.

And I'm sure that you're familiar with the stats: 130+ million active users, over 49 million unique visitors. You know that your 14-year-old can put up a profile and link to hundreds of friends in 5 minutes flat.

But, did you know that TMP has created a new solution that helps companies really harness the power of this social networking phenomenon?

The secret to social media is ongoing engagement and active participation. And that means a commitment of time and resources to update your corporate page, add photos and videos, create job postings and modify content on a regular basis.

With TMP's new Facebook Retainer Program, we'll ensure that your company's corporate profile is on brand, on message and regularly updated with information that's most relevant to your fans. Have a campus event coming up? New photos from the intern farewell party to share? How about gathering some intel through a survey or poll? TMP will create, maintain and update all content on your corporate page, making it easy for your recruiters to concentrate on what's most important to them: networking and engaging candidates in conversation.

TMP's Facebook Retainer Program includes:

  • Creative development of your corporate Facebook page
  • Real-time job postings on your corporate Facebook page through TMP's Work with Me widget
  • Hosting of all graphics
  • 10 hours/month of Content Enhancement by TMP team
  • Conduct Guidelines documentation for all administrators of the corporate page

If you'd like to learn more about our Facebook Retainer Program and how it can work for your organization, please contact

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