Success Story: UPS

February 15


United Parcel Service (UPS), is the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. Tasked with the challenge of generating more online applications within their Careers website, UPS was looking for a way to engage potential job candidates using new technology.

Their goals were to use new technology to provide candidates with the ability to share personalized contact information with UPS, capture their data, encourage candidates to apply for jobs online and view their "on-the-job" videos. It was important to UPS that candidates provide an alternative contact method to text messaging so that they also would be reachable via email for instant follow-up information about UPS jobs.



UPS partnered with TMP to develop a Mobile Marketing Campaign that would create an increase of online applications and the viral buzz they desired to communicate their hiring needs, as well as showcase their innovative use of mobile technology.


The Mobile Marketing plan included a national text message campaign, a new WAP site, and an HTML email blast. The national text message campaign (see example above) prompted interested candidates to reply with their email address or visit the UPS jobs mobile website for additional information. The WAP sites ( and were created to capture a candidate's name, email address, zip code, and phone number. In order to be sure that the sites will work across all phones, the pages dynamically transcoded themselves based on the specific capabilities of each individual handset viewing the pages. An HTML email blast was sent to candidates who provided their email address via text messaging or mobile website to offer them more detailed information on working with UPS, as well as driving them to the UPS Careers website to apply online.


The UPS Mobile Marketing campaign provided great success, engaging more that 900 potential candidates in the first month of the launch. There was an exceptionally strong second-engagement rate of 44.1% and more than 100 unique visitors to the WAP sites, which were able to capture candidate data at the rate of 62.1%. The HTML email blast reached 365 candidates at the very high open-rate of 27.2% and a nearly unheard of click-though rate of 92% since the launch of the campaign.

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