Rush University Medical Center

February 15


Rush University Medical Center (Rush), an academic medical center that encompasses an 830-bed hospital, the 110-bed health center, and Rush University, was looking for an efficient way to improve their organic search results and conversion percentage (clicks to apply) for their career site, Although it performed fair in search, they knew from experience investing in website, as they already had with their intranet redesigned by TMP, they could get a better ROI.

Rush Medical Center


TMP proposed to create a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website that would enable job seekers online to find open positions at Rush simply by entering keywords into their preferred search engine. TMP suggested their SEO site act as the landing page for their SEM buys. Keyword searches such as "pediatric nurse jobs" and "out-patient nurse jobs" would be entered and allow job seekers to locate and apply for a career at Rush more easily..


TMP helped Rush launch in mid 2008. Their new optimized website was designed with Rush's creative artwork, also designed by TMP, and with fewer pages than their current career website. The reduction of web pages would give candidates results for only what they search; this would in turn increase conversion – fewer clicks, fewer drop-offs. TMP would allow Rush to monitor all site activity using TMP Pathways, a single sign-on system that's designed to enhance the way companies source job candidates, manage assets and view reporting.

Rush Medical Center


According to the "What's My Ranking" module on TMP Pathways, the aggregate results of industry-related keywords on Google revealed that Rush's SEO site ranked #4 on the list – after being live for only 3 weeks! Eleven of Rush's 16 keyword buys ranked #1 on Google. Within one month, the conversion percentage of Rush's SEM keyword buys on Google jumped 22%.

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