Attention and Retention in Tough Times

February 15

In light of the current economic conditions, I encourage employers and their management teams to treat their employees with extra care. It's important to remind your employees that you're not just their employer, but that you're also approachable for discussing their concerns. Listen and be cognizant of their personal issues.

The extra continued communication by management can often lead to a more motivated staff, an increase in morale and productivity, and the retention of "star players". In fact, my colleague Greta Sherman, TMP's SVP of Strategic Healthcare, shares an excellent example of understanding your employees' individual needs in tough times on her blog. I encourage you to check out the posting titled, "Know Your Employees as Individuals".

Remember, a little extra effort goes a long way. It might help you make a difference – motivate staff, increase morale and productivity, and retain top talent during hard times.

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