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February 15


Company ABC was experiencing a great deal of competition for top talent and had a limited recruiting budget. They were not getting a high return on their investment from standard job postings on the general job boards. They had low candidate flow and the cost per applicant was high. They also had a problematic career site and needed to find a quick way to drive traffic directly to their job postings. Company ABC needed to find a way to maximize their spending by only paying for performance. They were not ready to commit to a "universal" search campaign, but wanted to test the waters.


TMP approached Company ABC with a solution that was turnkey and efficient: job aggregators Indeed and Simply Hired. These vertical search engines are specifically designed to deliver job search results. Like major search engines, they crawl the web for jobs and deliver results based on a job seeker's search criteria. Not only that, but they drive candidates directly to the job posting, not to Company ABC's careers homepage where they have to search for the job all over again. Job aggregators are also able to filter content for job seekers by location, job title, company size, and education requirements – fewer steps in the process lead to better conversion rates for applicants. Moreover, there is no need for the client to do more work, such as define landing pages, manually post jobs, or write keyword copy.

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TMP Worldwide recommended that Company ABC allocate a monthly budget for sponsored job postings, which appear at the top of every search results page. The budget was determined by the number of jobs open on the Company ABC website, job categories and locations, as well as TMP's specific experience managing similar campaigns. TMP monitored the click-through rates, managed the bid adjustments, and controlled the monthly budget through careful scrutiny of each sponsored job activity. In addition, TMP conducted monthly reporting and delivered a comprehensive overview and analysis on Company ABC's entire cost-per-click campaign. Company ABC also took advantage of TMP's Campaign Management tracking system, through which they were able to tag the Simply Hired and Indeed sponsored jobs and keywords to accurately measure results – in other words, the true number of candidates who clicked on the sponsored job listing and actually filled out an application.


By taking advantage of the job aggregators' model of "pay for performance," Company ABC got a very cost efficient return on their investment. Plus, they received the added value of branding their company by being at the top of the search results page, without the cost! Since they only paid for actual clicks on their jobs, they had no worries about wasting hundreds of dollars on a posting that may or may not elicit response. TMP Worldwide's reporting and analysis on Company ABC's cost-per-click campaign gave them the insight they needed to decipher which job titles garnered best results on each site, what locations pulled best, and even which keywords pulled the most candidates. Armed with hard data and true cost per application metrics, Company ABC was able to allocate their budget more efficiently and completely revamp their job posting strategy.

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