New White Paper Release on Social Networking

February 15

"Career & Social Website Evolution: Creating Collaboration in Your Acquisition Strategy"

By and Human Capital Institute (HCI) and TMP Worldwide

Recruiting and Retaining People with Disabilities Cover

Smart HR professionals are learning that their audience is changing. Candidates are not only searching job boards or applying online- they're on social networks, reading mobile messages and attending virtual interviews.

Now available is a White Paper discussing how Web 2.0 — the concept of web-based technology to create collaboration among users—has redefined what lens employers should use when focusing on their career site design. This Whitepaper, based on a webinar TMP sponsored with HCI on June 10th, discusses the employer career site as a social network, and how these new media can be integrated in your acquisition strategy. To receive a copy of this Whitepaper, click here to visit the TMP Signup page.

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