TMP Finds Innovative Solutions for Healthcare Human Capital Crisis

February 15

"When healthcare delivery systems do not have adequate regular employees, they must 'outsource' to agency, travelers, PRN and overtime," she says. "That's, on average, about three times as expensive as regular staff. Consequently, it is very important that HR can demonstrate their worth to the bottom line in order to get appropriate financing in financial and people terms."

Joining Forces with TMP: The Whole Spectrum

Sherman explains that she chose TMP because it was "the only agency that could provide this entire spectrum of measurable tools to clients, along with options for for candidate attraction."

She says, "TMP brings together statistical research, outstanding creative and excellent customer service. The company also has the single most powerful on-line tool for recruitment, measurement and retention enhancement. I'm looking forward to tailoring the online offerings precisely to what healthcare HR requires."

She is especially interested in weaving together her research, fact-based knowledge with TMP's on-line resources."

"We can provide our clients with the whole spectrum of services that impact an employee's tenure with an organization," says Sherman. "By combining all the services into one complete package, we can show how much HR drives to the bottom line."

Says Sherman of her new employer: "TMP is not a vendor or order taker for the HR professional, but rather a strategic partner with a bag full of options. We can put the right combination together for each client."

You can reach Greta Sherman, Senior VP, TMP Advertising and Communications, at her Louisville, KY Office: (502) 244-5980. Or email her at

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