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February 15

Find the candidates you need through your employees. Online.

Sometimes accessing job applicants with the skills and talent necessary to succeed with your company is all about who you know. With an Online Employee Referral Program (ERP), reaching out to your employees with incentives for discovering and referring top candidates becomes easier than ever. In fact, it's one of the most cost-effective ways to source and acquire new employees.

Automating your ERP has many benefits.

A TMP Online ERP program instantly gives you the capability to impact your ROI — from lowering your cost per hire by generating a flow of qualified candidates, to improving your employee retention, to strengthening your employer brand. By taking your ERP online, you'll also ease your administrative burden, because you'll be able to automatically track and report the program's success, and update your open positions in real time. Plus, your employees can quickly refer someone they know at any time, while you easily keep track of their referrals.

The TMP Online ERP program incorporates the following components:

  • Home Page – Introduce your employees to your Employee Referral Program, and link them to job descriptions.
  • Rewards Page – Let your employees know what's in it for them — how the program works, and what rewards they can expect to receive if their referral is hired.
  • Rules Page – As with any rewards program, there will be rules and regulations that apply to your employees' participation. This page provides the details they need to know.
  • Search Jobs Page – Here, your employees can find positions for which their referrals may be qualified. Featured Jobs will be indexed at the top of the list.
  • Referral Form – This form provides an easy way for your employees to refer their friends for a job. They can attach a resume and provide information about themselves and their candidate.
  • Job Administration Module – This feature allows your HR administrator to add, edit or delete jobs, and to efficiently mark the jobs they would like featured on the Home Page.

Other features enable your HR administrator to classify candidates according to their hiring status, and to view all of your program data at any time, sorted according to referral name, date referred and more. Plus, you'll receive an executive summary report to keep track of the number of referrals you receive, and be able to export your data and reports into other databases. We can even develop custom email notifications to alert your employees and their referred friends when the referral has been submitted.

To learn more about how Online ERP can help your recruitment needs, contact your TMP Account Representative or email

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