TMP Opens Creative Door for Career Closet

February 15

How do you re-enter the workplace when you've been gone for so long? Where do you get the confidence you need and the interviewing savvy required for you to excel in the work world? TMP Worldwide's latest pro-bono effort helps a non-profit organization that answers those questions.

Career Closet, founded by two enterprising and compassionate women in 1992, is a small, volunteer-based organization that is dedicated to empowering women to re-enter the workforce equipped with everything they need to make a great first impression, land the job they want, and improve their lives. Their services begin with business attire, but what they really provide is the self-assurance needed to enter the business world with a firm handshake and a smile. Last year alone, Career Closet gave more than 1,300 women the key to transcending their challenges of poverty, single motherhood, and lack of education.

New brochures created for Career Closet Inc.

TMP Worldwide recognized Career Closet's hard work, and in response, has made a healthy contribution to their cause by creating for them new brochures, html emails, event flyers, and a freshly launched website. For information on volunteering or donations for Career Closet, please visit their new website: Although Career Closet is a San Francisco Bay Area-based organization, there are other organizations with missions similar to theirs in major cities across the United States. TMP Worldwide encourages you to participate in this often overlooked but worthwhile cause.

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