TMP Presents at the 2008 Social Media Summit

February 15

Topics include Brand Management and Social Networking Strategies

Amazingly, it's taken less than a year to generate 50 million social media users (TV and the PC took 13 and 16 years respectively). The medium has become such a big part of our culture that many feel lost without it.

As business professionals and smart managers know, simply joining online communities is not enough — there is a need to implement strategies for harnessing social media to recruit and retain the best and brightest, as well as a need to extend the use of social media to project a strong corporate brand to employees.

Steven Ehrlich, VP of Client Development, and Deirdre Mammano, Director of Digital Strategy, will present strategies, tips, tricks and tools for using social media for recruitment success at the 2008 Social Media Summit in New York City. To learn more about the power of social media and better understand how you can implement these strategies in your recruitment efforts, read Steve Ehrlich's blog on Digital Strategies. To understand how candidates are incorporating these platforms into their daily lives, view this brief video "And Now a Word from Your Audience." If you are interested in attending, you can register below.

Recruiting and Retaining People with Disabilities Cover

"Brand Management — Talking the Talk in a Web 2.0 World"

Presented by Steven Ehrlich

October 22nd, 8:40am

Steven Ehrlich brings more than 15 years of educational marketing, brand articulation, website development, and software development experience to TMP.

Recruiting and Retaining People with Disabilities Cover

"How to Leverage Social Networking to Attract New Hires and Engage Employees"

Presented by Steven Ehrlich and Deirdre Mammano

October 23rd, 8:30-11:30 am

Post-Conference Workshop

Deirdre Mammano brings more than 6 years of digital knowledge to TMP along with a deep understanding of developments in new media and digital technology as they relate to the recruitment marketplace.

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