HP Global Software Sales Campaign

February 15


HP's goal was to hire approximately 1,000 Software Pre-Sales and Sales Professionals globally in 2008. The resulting campaign was developed to target this candidate audience in the Americas, EMEA and APJ, through targeted technology and sales placements on job sites, niche sites, through social media targeting and Search Engine Marketing from January – May 2008.


TMP Worldwide developed a global strategy – inclusive of regional media, which included the following tactics:


  • Targeted email to potential sales candidates utilizing Beyond, HotJobs and LinkedIn to target passive job seekers within the industry.
  • Search Engine Marketing utilizing Google, Simply Hired and Yahoo! Search targeting specific job titles, job categories and company name.
  • Behavioral advertising within the Yahoo! Network to brand the client's recruitment message to reach passive candidates.
  • Targeted advertising solutions on professional social networking websites such as LinkedIn to drive candidates to the client's job opportunities.
  • Niche media sponsorships and solutions on Dice, TechCareers and HotJobs to drive candidates to the client's recruitment initiatives.
  • Measuring all media placements through Campaign Management to generate data for analyzing performance and optimizing the campaign strategy.


  • Monster was used in the first 4 weeks of the campaign in 17 different countries. The U.K., Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and France were the 5 best performing countries in terms of generating traffic to the HP site.
  • Banner advertising and featured link campaigning through various job sites throughout EMEA was launched at the end of January, including: TheITJobBoard (U.K.), (Romania), (Russia), and (South Africa), to name a few.
  • Search Engine Marketing keyword advertising was also used in the U.K. and Sweden and was one of the best performing channels — driving 17% of the applications in the U.K.
  • Targeted email distribution to a select number of recipients in LinkedIn's database of sales and technology professionals in February.
  • Niche media sponsorships of technology websites, like, catering to HP's target audiences.
  • Campaign Management tracking to measure ROI on all placements.
  • Overall the EMEA campaign tracked 672 applications. In addition HP experienced a 250% rise in job viewings for all jobs posted on Monster EMEA — during the period that the campaign was live.


By utilizing TMP's Campaign Management media tracking solution, HP was able to not only monitor the performance of the campaign via TMP's Metrics Gateway, but also received robust analysis, tracking and reporting of the performance and efficiency of all strategic media advertising placements worldwide.

Specifically, TMP provided the following:

  • Analyses of trends, segmented data by media type and detailed visual metrics with charts and graphs.
  • Ability to monitor all online activity and evaluate performance and return on investment on a regular basis, through weekly 'ROI Dashboard' reviews with the TMP and HP global teams.
  • Search engine marketing metrics from Google, Simply Hired and Yahoo! Search targeting specific job titles, job categories and company name.
  • In addition, throughout the life of the campaign, HP and TMP used the data to manage optimizations of the live placements in the campaign in response to campaign performance, with the goal of maximizing candidate response while minimizing cost per application.


Media from the Software campaign drove a noticeable increase in total applications from all media sources in the January – May time period. This increase can be attributed to the compounding effect of running a large, very visible online campaign and an internal employee bonus referral program at the same time


  • Overall the Americas campaign provided 8,639 applications between December 13, 2007 and May 8, 2008.
  • Dice and SimplyHired provided the most completed applications and between them provided 86% of the applications for the campaign.
  • The cost per application average for the campaign was 24% less than the target cost per application.
  • The lowest cost per application was achieved by SimplyHired and was closely followed by Dice. Both of these CPAs were 80% or more below the cost benchmark. SimplyHired benefited from the job wrapping and sponsorship placements working in conjunction with each other and the Dice placements benefited from the large number of jobs posted on the site in addition to the banners even though the job postings were not measurable.
Media Applications
Company Applications
Grand Total 8,639
Dice 5,438
SimplyHired 1,998
LinkedIn 464
Beyond 396
HotJobs 249
Google 51
Yahoo! 23
TechCareers 20


  • EMEA tracked 36,387 candidate clicks and the Americas generated 107,823 candidate clicks from December 13, 2007 through May 8, 2008.
  • There have also been 672 submitted applications from the EMEA region since February 5, 2007 and the Americas generated 8,696 applications online since December 13, 2007 at 24% less per application than what was projected.
  • Throughout the life of the campaign, TMP ensured the media was providing quality candidates at a low cost per application and made adjustments where needed.


Also, by utilizing the Campaign Management data from the Q1 campaign, TMP and HP are eliminating underperforming media for the future campaign executions, and placing greater emphasis on the placements that performed well. It is anticipated that this will produce a larger applicant pool at a decreased cost per application.

  • Through 6/4/08 the APJ campaign has received 22,479 landings and 1,703 applications.
  • The cost per application average is also below the goal CPA by 40%.
  • Half of the staggered placements have launched and the remaining placements are scheduled to go live in the next 3 months.
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