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February 15

The world is buzzing about the "social media" phenomenon. Many of us have profiles on LinkedIn or Facebook. MySpace is extremely popular, and the demographics are trending older. Our younger generations are beginning to see these networking portals as a normal way of life.

TMP Worldwide has been working with and tracking the effectiveness of social networks for recruitment purposes since their inception. While we have seen some great success, we also have learned that companies must set expectations accordingly and understand the media before investing a large amount of money.

TMP has immersed itself in Social Networking and wants to share the knowledge with our clients. If you are new to social networking, or are already using it and just really want to dig in and learn more, we can help. TMP is now offering Social Networking Workshops tailored to your needs! The workshop is a comprehensive, digital, in-person workshop that focuses specifically on Social Networking, showing savvy recruiters how to engage with and actively participate in Social Networks. During the workshop, you will learn how to use the Social Networking space to build your Employer Brand awareness, advertise, and source and network with top candidates.

Our Social Networking Workshop is perfect if you...

  • are looking for training on Social Networks
  • seek to develop a coordinated Social Networking strategy
  • want to hone your contemporary sourcing edge
  • seek college students or MBA's, or market to high schools
  • seek Executive / 100K+ hires
  • are targeting a passive candidate audience
  • seek to match or beat your competitive set in the Social Networking space
  • have managers who seek to establish or further their recruiters' sourcing skills

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