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February 15


  • Partnership generates influx of quality applicants
  • Source cost per hire reduced by over 40%
  • centralized ownership of advertising ensures efficiency and consistency


Dissatisfied with their current method of generating and implementing an effective method for research and advertising, a world-renowned consumer financial services company requested assistance in finding a more successful channel of advertising media to increase the flow of candidates. Additionally, the company wanted to improve the way in which they tracked their advertising spend in order to accurately calculate cost-per-hire and manage their annual budget.

The relationship between the financial services client and TMP is managed by the KellyOCG – RPO talent acquisition team, and it is uniform across all locations. Prior to TMP and KellyOCG's endeavor to merge the process of ad placement into a single, proficient entity, nearly two dozen client locations were actively placing their own advertisements separately – using limited time and resources.

The company faced the following challenges:

  • Lack of advertising budget management and spend tracking
  • Inconsistent process across all client locations
  • Lack of resources to research best ways to advertise and reach target candidates, including cutting-edge technology and emerging trends
  • No cost-per-hire or ROI tracking


The client needed to hire talent for call centers across the country but did not have a comprehensive or long-term solution in place. Together, TMP Worldwide and KellyOCG – RPO developed a nationwide annual media plan. With the plan in hand, the client could reference the overall strategy and implement the best tactics for the specific market within a two-week lead time. Included in the plan were specific strategies for search engine marketing, job boards, direct email advertising, mobile marketing and outdoor advertising.

Since the media plan included strategies throughout the entire year, in addition to covering all of the client specific geographic areas, it was easy to implement. As a result, the client took advantage of both traditional and non-traditional media to achieve success in staffing the call center locations. The client is now competitive for hiring for positions across the country – no matter the regional location. The well-received advertising campaign promoted the collaborative and unique company culture and captured the essence of joining a successful team. In fact, the client requested two additional executions promoting the benefits of employment. The solutions for the client included (but were not limited to) the following:

  • Budget management for advertising spend
  • A consultative relationship between TMP and the client managed by the KellyOCG – RPO talent acquisition team
  • Demographic research provided by TMP Worldwide
  • TMP Worldwide working specifically within company branding guidelines
  • Introduction of new and cutting-edge products/technologies
  • All requests handled by one to two direct points of contact
  • Cost-per-hire tracking from the KellyOCG – RPO talent acquisition team to better manage resources


Through our partnership with KellyOCG – RPO, the company's respective locations no longer need to place or research their advertising. All research, recommendations, placement, spend tracking, and budget management is taken care of through this business relationship, thus helping to reduce overlapping advertisements, unnecessary or ineffective advertisements, and unnecessary spending. Both TMP Worldwide and KellyOCG – RPO worked together to maintain the distinguished image and reputation of the client company.

"Partnering with TMP as an ad vendor, and having that relationship and budget managed by KellyOCG, has allowed us to have one centralized point of contact for advertising needs, research, and staying up-to-date on developments in the market(s). Additionally, this centralized approach has helped us reduce overall advertising/recruiting costs while reducing cycle time and increasing position fill rates." Tammy Grisham, Client Staffing Leader

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