Courtney Hub Joins Thought Leadership Panel on Social Networking for Recruiting

February 15

Knowledge Minutes

Courtney Hub, VP of Digital Strategy, has joined Human Capital Institute's (HCI) panel for Social Networking. As an Expert Advisor, Courtney will identify trends, share best practices, debate issues and develop new ideas to shape the direction of HCI's social networking research, education, and applications, and work to advance the industry.

The panel is led by an HCI Community Leader and consists of between 8-12 people. In some cases, these individuals will be non-HR leaders that can bring a different perspective to the discussions. Members include Dr. Jac Fitz Enz, founder of the Saratoga Institute, Dr. Peter Cappelli, Director of the Wharton School's Center for Human Resources, noted authors Marshall Goldsmith and Dan Pink, and literally dozens of senior executives at Global 2000 corporations.

To learn more about TMP's Social Networking track with Human Capital Institute click here.

To learn more about how social networking can serve as a recruitment tool, sign up for our upcoming webinar hosted by HCI, and introduced by Courtney Hub, titled "Sourcing on Social Networks." Dr. John Sullivan, a global thought leader and corporate advisor, will dive into the why's, what's, and how's related to sourcing via social networks. Some topics will include the advantages of recruiting via social computing sites like Facebook and MySpace and the business case for leveraging social computing tools.

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