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February 15

IBM and TMP attendees

Companies today are finding new ways to leverage the most popular social networking sites for recruiting/employment brand purposes. Whether it is company pages, job postings or more creative solutions, everybody realizes that candidates are there.

One aspect must not be forgotten – leveraging your own employees and their networks. TMP Worldwide's WORK WITH ME™ (WWM) application combines the concept of employee referrals with social networking and the Facebook platform.

IBM and TMP attendees

Example of how the WORK WITH ME™ function is displayed on your Facebook profile.

IBM and TMP attendees

TMP's profile in WORK WITH ME™


WORK WITH ME™ is a Facebook-specific application that can be downloaded by your employees and placed on their individual profile pages. Your open positions will be advertised to your employees' networks under a simple header of 'Work With Me', along with links to company information/branding.

Employees will like the application not only because it promotes their place of work, but also because it provides them with an opportunity to be a part of the company employee referral program. With WORK WITH ME™, friends can easily search for jobs and view others within the network.


  • Displays your company's active jobs on employees' Facebook profiles, automatically broadcasting to their network of friends
  • Provides employees and recruiters with real-time click-through metrics to gauge activity
  • Integrates with the source of your requisitions and fully automates feed to the WORK WITH ME™ application
  • Showcases your employer branding on a dedicated portion of the application
  • Connects users to others in their Facebook network that are using WORK WITH ME™, enhancing their professional networking experience
  • Works with or without a formal Employee Referral Program (ERP)


  • Amplify your ERP program and unlock the value of your employees' social networks
  • Simplify the ERP experience for your employees
  • Leverage the distribution power of a high-traffic social networking website
  • Promote your employer brand to a quality audience
  • Build your hiring pipeline with precisely measured progress and results
  • Don't miss this opportunity to ensure that your jobs are in front of some of the most qualified candidates available – friends and acquaintances of your current staff.

Questions? Comments? For more information about how to use WORK WITH ME™, contact Courtney Hub at

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