Financial Services: Recruiting Toolkit

February 15

Foundry Networks


A leader in the financial services industry with ambitious plans for expansion came to TMP Worldwide to review their recruiting collateral collection and provide recommendations on how it could be improved.


In order to provide an appropriate solution, TMP Worldwide needed to determine exactly how each piece of recruiting collateral was being used and for what purpose. Through a comprehensive discovery process, the TMP team met with stakeholders from several groups: recruiting, marketing, training & development and compensation. Internal focus groups were conducted with the target audience to gain an understanding of each piece of recruiting collateral and its effectiveness. TMP recommended reducing the size of the recruiting kit that contained paper-heavy content and replacing it with a CD-ROM that provided the proper amount of information.


TMP Worldwide prepared a detailed storyboard outlining each section of the CD, specifying the number of employees to be featured, along with the functionality available to the user in each section.

Upon securing both a videographer and photographer, we worked closely with the marketing team to identify the locations for the video/photo shoot, and carefully choreographed those video/photo shoots for employees in multiple cities.


The CD was well received. It provided the necessary information in a personal and digital way that traditional recruiting materials cannot achieve. In addition, the CD-ROM strategy resulted in an overall cost savings of 84% over the traditional printed collateral. The costs associated with developing the CD will be recuperated in less than two years.

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