TMP Hosts "MeshWorking 2.0" Innovation Day with Google

February 15

IBM and TMP attendees

Earlier this month at Google's campus in Mountain View, California, TMP hosted an all-day forum on innovative strategies for recruiting. Named MeshWorking 2.0, this first-ever event included brainstorming sessions on new concepts for reaching and attracting top talent.

The presentations and subsequent dialogue addressed how it's now imperative for organizations to integrate new media, search, social networking, and Web 2.0 technologies into their recruitment strategies. The forum provided strategies and solutions that balanced innovation with practicality and measurable results. As the recruitment landscape continues to evolve, your organization will need to adapt and implement these tools and technologies for recruitment success.

Watch a Video: "And Now a Word from Our Audience."

For more information on effective ways to implement new media, search and/or Web 2.0 technology ideas please contact your TMP representative or email

IBM and TMP attendees
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