Product Profile: SEO Continuum

February 15

Pay-per-click advertising and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) have been a major source of success for TMP's clients in the past several years. It has proven to be cost-effective and efficient to 'purchase' the desired keywords on Google, Yahoo!, etc., and appear in the paid results section of the page.

However, the organic results section in the search engine results page is still the most coveted place for your company to appear when candidates do a search. Why?

  • 75-80% of search users choose to click organic results over paid listings
  • Organic results have consistently shown higher conversion percentages than paid listings
  • Having strong organic results has been shown to improve paid rankings/click rates (and vice versa)

TMP's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team has developed a new, recruitment-specific series of offerings related to what can and should be done when considering how to optimize your Web presence and ensure it fits into any recruitment strategy.

The umbrella for these new offerings is called the SEO Continuum. Based on each client's current rankings, expertise and search strategy, one or all of the following tactics will be utilized:

  • Detailed competitive analysis
  • Core SEO best-practice audit, recommendations and deliverables
  • Site submissions
  • Link-building projects
  • Universal-search (focus on videos, photos, and more)

What's My Ranking?

Also included in the Annual SEO Continuum package is a 24/7 reporting tool that provides users with data on:

  • Current rank on the major search engines
  • Change in rank within the last 30 days
  • Reports on who is ranking on the target keywords

These reports will consistently show the status and improvement of the SEO efforts by TMP.

SEO Charts

Search Focus - let TMP manage your search budget

  • View primary targets of your search strategy
  • Compare where your budget is going vs. where your jobs are
  • Edit/suggest and interact with your assigned TMP Search team

What's My Ranking?

  • View where you currently rank on your desired keywords in search results
  • Identify opportunities/areas of required improvement
  • See who is ranking in your desired areas

What's My Buzz?

  • View what candidates are finding out about you on the Internet
  • Identify areas needed to be addressed and opportunities to leverage hot topics for recruitment purposes.

With TMP Pathways Search Marketing, you get all of these tools for one low price. In addition, TMP will manage your ongoing search campaign and measure effectiveness.

Ensure search is part of your strategy. Have all key information at your fingertips. And let TMP handle the details.

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