Success Story: Hospital Employee Referral Program

February 15


Workgroup session

As a regional arm of a nationwide network of hospitals and healthcare facilities, our client was facing considerable difficulties with their Employee Referral Program. Low visibility and participation, due mainly to the decentralized, hard-to-navigate system in place, were causing the program to suffer. Additionally, drastic cuts to their media budget were a strain on our client's ability to drive recruitment and revive their ERP. It was TMP Worldwide's job to address these constraints and deliver results regardless of any impediment.


By leveraging the new TMP-created employment branding, we developed an online ERP to centralize and simplify the referral experience. It allows employees to search for opportunities and refer a friend in one simple place, from any location. Any referrals not acted upon in a timely manner go back into an open pool. Recruiters can then tap into them at any time.

As a beginning-to-end solution, the system manages resumes, tracks the candidate through the system and provides a timing payout reminder once an employee is hired. It also provides reporting on referrals by facility and department. Our client continues to build onto the system's functionality and plans to roll it out nationally.


In order to promote and introduce the new Employee Referral Program, an email blast, branded payroll stuffers, table tents and wallet-sized cards were distributed to employees. Within the site itself, each hospital has its own page, and jobs are also searchable across hospitals. An employee can look at detailed job descriptions of open positions and refer candidates, all within one easy-to-use location.


Since the ERP's launch, our client has successfully hired more than 40 RNs. In addition to that success, the new ERP program won honors and recognition when the ERP launch received an industry award.

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