Russell Miyaki Speaks about Next Generation Recruitment Ideas

February 15

Russell Miyaki

Earlier this month Russell Miyaki, VP, National Digital Creative Director for TMP and member of the TMP Speakers Bureau, kicked off the IQPC Human Capital Management Exchange Conference in Boca Raton with a presentation of new and innovative ways to leverage emerging technologies to deliver next-generation, groundbreaking recruitment ideas His presentation included lessons and highlights utilizing one of the most talked about technology innovations being discussed in the marketing world today - virtual worlds and virtual reality marketing.

Titled "Rejuvenating Recruitment Practices: Implementing an Innovative Strategy to Source the Best Talent Possible," the session addressed ways to attract the best and brightest in an increasingly diminishing talent pool environment. Russell, alongside Sodexo's VP of Talent Acquisition, Arie Ball, stressed the importance of being proactive, understanding (and delivering on) what truly motivates today's talent, and connecting with the target audience in ways that are fresh - and by using mediums that the candidates embrace.

With media evolving at a rapid rate, job seekers are becoming increasingly savvy to the latest trends in social media and digital technologies. Simply relying on qualified talent to seek out employers is no longer a feasible approach. Russell and Arie addressed this challenge through a case study in which Arie gave attendees an inside look into Sodexo's successes participating in the TMP Network in World (NiW) job fairs in Second Lifeā„¢, a 3-D virtual world entirely created by its Residents. A main highlight of the talk included examples of how TMP helped extend clients' brands in NiW.

This conference brought together an elite group of senior HR executives - who were looking for new resources and case studies from organizations solving pressing HR challenges - and Service Providers, who offered services and technology to help prove the value of human capital management.

To learn more about TMP's NIW event visit the TMP's online portfolio or go to NIW Event Success.

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